In France, we celebrate Father's Day on June 18. In this article, we give you 5 good reasons to offer our hot sauce to your ancestor. Our advice is reserved for readers who are able to make the leap from 1st to 2nd degree with ease - you've been warned!

1. When you first saw "An Indian in the City", your father forbade you to build a wood fire in the living room to live the high life of Mimi-Siku. He also blocked you when you suggested moving into your best friend's garden shed, explaining that it was time to become independent following your success at the brevet des collèges. Now's the time to take your revenge, by offering him our HABANERA sauce (85,000 SHU on the Scoville scale) and our Slow Combustion boxed set to remind him that life is to be lived with passion!


Mimi siku dans un indien dans la ville


2. Your father calls himself Alain Ducasse and fancies himself one of the great names in French gastronomy. Last year, he invited you to taste his favorite recipe, pasta with butter, and you could see that his main (and only) similarity with Alain Ducasse is his white hair. Turn his dull dishes into works of art and transform his blandest dishes (and therefore his life) into a journey into space by offering him our TANGO sauce to remind him that cooking is first and foremost a matter of taste!

3. Your father is getting on in years and it's time to take care of his health! Our sauces are made from fresh produce and contain no synthetic additives and preservatives. What's more, chilli is a real boon for the immune system (we've written an article on the subject here). We can therefore only recommend our entire range of French hot sauces to guarantee a good supply of antioxidants and vitamin C!


4.The best gift for a successful Father's Day is a trip. But since you're a student and APL is your main source of income, you'll have to use your wits to give him a low-cost trip. And that just happens to be our specialty! At MASTARI, we work a lot with spices (read our article on "L'amour des épices, une cuisine tournée vers l'horizon") and what could be more exotic than our TANDAVA hot sauce, which combines Thai chili with turmeric, cumin and cardamom! An environmentally-friendly journey worthy of Sylvain Tesson's finest writings.


Voyage en Inde


5. The last reason, and we probably should have started here, is that our sauces are delicious (our customers say so!) and your dad deserves the best. To offer him a MASTARI sauce is to offer him eternal gratitude (to be renewed every 2 months when the bottle is empty) and to celebrate him in the most beautiful way.


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