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🌿 What are MASTARI hot sauces made from?

Our MASTARI hot sauces are made from 100% natural products. They contain no synthetic additives, flavor enhancers, colorants or preservatives. You can find details of the composition of our hot sauces on the product pages.

🍔 How do I use MASTARI hot sauces?

For each of our sauces, we give you advice on how to combine them. Depending on the recipe, our sauces can be added raw (a few drops) to your dishes, worked into a marinade for grilling, or added to a sauce or vinaigrette to give it a little heat! You can find our pairing tips on the product pages.

🕐 How many meals can I make with a MASTARI sauce?

It all depends on the frequency of use and the intensity of the sauce used. On average, a 100 mL bottle of MASTARI hot sauce will set your taste buds on fire for 3 to 4 months.

🧑🏼‍🍳 Where are MASTARI hot sauces produced?

All our products are made in Paris, France.

🧐 Where can I find your hot sauces?

Our hot sauces are sold on our website www.mastari.fr and through a network of partner boutiques (see "Where to find us").



🔥 Which MASTARI sauce is best suited to my palate?

At MASTARI, we've built a strength scale to guide you on which hot sauce is best suited to your tastes and eating habits. This scale is inspired by the Scoville scale. Learn more in our article "Which MASTARI sauce to choose?"

💥 Where can I find the Scoville equivalents for each of your hot sauces?

We've just added them to our product pages!

👌🏼 How much MASTARI sauce should I add to my dish?

The sensation associated with the intensity of a hot pepper or hot pepper sauce is unique to each person. Our bottles are equipped with a fluidity regulator that allows you to precisely measure the amount of sauce you wish to add to your dishes. We recommend that you first read the instructions for use on our bottles (or on our website), then test the dosage that suits you best!

❄️ How to store MASTARI sauces after opening?

MASTARI sauces are made from fresh ingredients. To preserve their taste and properties, we advise you to keep them in a cool place (refrigerator) after opening.

🌎 What does MASTARI mean?

MASTARI is the name of a tribe who lived on the edge of the world, on the slopes of a volcano. We tell you their story here!



🎯 How can we follow your news?

We regularly post articles on our website in the Hot News section. We are also present on Instagram (@mastari_fr) and on Pinterest.

✉️ How can we contact you?

We invite you to send us an e-mail at contact@mastari.fr or to ask us on our social networks!