We went live on Popcorn on October 11, 2022!

     The live show, hosted by @Domingo (also a web streamer and videographer) welcomed @Squeezie, @Zack, @Kaatsup @Julien Fébreau and @Vilebrequin for a tasting of Hot sauces hosted by @Gurky (a Canadian web videographer specializing in atypical culinary experiences)!

      The program section, entitled "Au plus proche: version extrême présentée par Gurky", consists of tasting several hot sauces, over several rounds ranging from the mildest to the most extreme. The aim is for participants to guess where these sauces fall on the Scoville scale, which measures the strength of hot peppers. In each round, the participant closest to the expected value is "immunized" and does not take part in the next round.


Mosaïque des participants à l'émission Twitch live Pop Corn


     Right from the start, @Squeezie polls his fellow contestants as to their appetite for hot sauce. @Zack, @Kaatsup and @Squeezie nod in agreement, while @Vilebrequin and @Julien Fébreau seem rather reticent: "A drop of Tabasco in tomato juice, I don't drink it! ... I look at it, it already makes me cry!" says Julien.

      The tasting begins with the Tabasco, @Kaatsup wins the round by presenting the value of 5,000 on the Scoville scale. On the second round, @Gurky introduces the candidates to our MASTARI MAMBO sauce: "Different flavor profile, smells good," he says. The jokes fly, the good mood invades the set, but @Gurky sets the record straight by advising his victims to taste our sauce in moderation.


Citation de Gurky sur la MASTARI Mambo


     @Squeezie is one of the first to take the plunge, @Gurky says "I think it's delicious" and @Julien Fébreau and @Vilebrequin, surprised by its intensity, start coughing. Some throw themselves on their glass of milk, while others enjoy recognizing the mango and carrot flavors in our MASTARI MAMBO. "The first intention was worrying, but it went down quite quickly" says @Julien Fébreau, @Vilebrequin approves.


Mosaïque des participants à l'émission Twitch Pop Corn


    Time for estimates. @Squeezie indicates that our sauce "is hotter, but better (...) I find that there are really sauces where it's hot, chemical, boring, and sauces where you feel there's an effort on the side". Gurky then presents our sauce, indicating its value of 100,000 on the Scoville scale, pointing out that this is the value of the habanero pepper on the famous scale, and that we must also take into account the concentration of the pepper in our 100 ml bottle. Domingo points out, quite rightly, that the sweetness of our sauce somewhat diminishes the perception of spiciness.

     @Squeezie concludes this round by reiterating: "the sauce is ULTRA-good! Gurky, it's so good!".

Citation Squeezie lors de l'émission Twitch Pop Corn


     We'd like to thank the entire Popcorn team, Domingo, Gurky, Squeezie, Zack, Kaatsup, Julien Fébreau and Vilebrequin, and let you discover the rest of the show on Popcorn's YouTube channel.


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