As you can see, we are finally ready to share with you our volcanic recipes of hot sauces to bring a little pep to your dullest meals! As you may have discovered on our homepage, MASTARI is above all a line of homemade hot pepper sauces, cooked in Paris, using fresh, 100% natural products.

     An artisanal production because all our peppers are hand-cut before being cooked in our secret preparations. These are then bottled in our 100 mL (3.38oz) glass bottles with a piston funnel in the form of delicious magma-colored sauces. Our bottles are manually labeled. All these steps certify the attention paid to each of our bottles to guarantee you an unprecedented experience.

     And that's not all! We source our products exclusively from fresh produce. From garlic to chili peppers to mango (MASTARI MAMBO recipe), all the products that go into our bottles are carefully selected from our suppliers. We do not use any synthetic additives.

     Finally, we are working on original recipes that feature original ingredient compositions. In our MASTARI MAMBO sauce, mango rubs shoulders with carrot and ginger, while the MASTARI POLKA sauce prefers to combine chili with citrus fruits (orange, clementine) and spices (cinnamon and cloves). There is something for every taste and every palate. In our FAQ, you will find our intensity scale which will guide you towards the sauce that best suits your sensibility!

     We now let you discover our range of sauces, feel free to share your comments in the contact section or on our Instagram profile @Mastari_fr!

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