For those wondering about the origin of the name MASTARI, here are some answers...

     Legends tell of a tribe living on the slopes of a volcano at the edge of the world, despairing of a bland and insipid diet.

     To put an end to this curse, the members of the tribe had to perfect a potion designed to give body to their culinary preparations. To do this, they scoured their world for the best produce. They unearthed incongruously shaped vegetables with pronounced flavors, intoxicatingly fragrant spices from all horizons, herbs and an intense, magma-colored fruit: the chili pepper.

     For days, they searched for the best combinations of ingredients to achieve the perfect balance between the sweetness of the fruit, the acidity of the citrus fruit and vinegar, and the strength and intensity of the different chilli varieties they had collected.

      The first tastings were explosive. Trance, ecstasy, intense heat. The tribe had just created a concentrate of life. Dizzy with their mad invention, they danced the night away around the volcano, celebrating the joy that the coming feasts would bring.

     They named their discovery after their tribe, the MASTARI, and each of their recipes after their fetish dances, symbols of creation and limitless expression.


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