By now you're familiar with our range of hot sauces, but it's hard to decide which one seems best suited to your tastes and your ability to withstand the heat of chilli. This article is for you!

     You've probably heard of the Scoville scale. Invented in 1912 by an American pharmacologist by the name of Wilbur Scoville, it's a scale for measuring the strength of chillies. Historically, tests to establish this rating involved diluting a fresh chili pepper, reduced to a purée, in a solution of sugar water. The pureed chilli was then diluted more and more until the sensation of heat was no longer felt. The strength of the chilli pepper was measured by the number of dilutions needed to eliminate its effects.

     The MASTARI tribe has adopted the Scoville scale to offer you a simplified measurement tool. Our sauces are graded from 1 to 8 according to the quantity and strength of the hot pepper used.


Echelle de force MASTARI commentée


     Obviously, the sensation of warmth is specific to each person's sensitivity, and is linked in particular to your eating habits. So this scale is totally subjective!

     The mark corresponding to each level of intensity is also shown on the bottle. So when you're shopping in store, don't hesitate to refer to it to ensure you get the best experience!



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