We'd like to tell you a little more about how our MASTARI sauce recipes are created!

     Did you know that our hot sauce recipes are loosely based on the 3S golden rule, so dear to the world of mixology? We'll explain...

     Ask your favorite bartender or mixologist for the secret recipe that transforms each of his cocktails into an edible work of art. He'll probably tell you about the 3S and the balance of his preparations:

  • Sweet : sweetness, softness. Fruit plays its part well. Mango, citrus fruits, peppers and tomatoes bring roundness to our ingredient combinations.


  • Strong : strength. In a cocktail, it's associated with an alcohol. In MASTARI sauces, chillies bring intensity through their rich diversity. With Thai, habanero, jolokia or jalapeno peppers, the heat is experienced to the full.


  • Sour : acidity. Vinegar or the addition of a citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange, clementine) awakens MASTARI sauces and reveals their identity.


     The search for the right balance between sweetness, acidity and the strength of the ingredients enables us to imagine original recipes that will delight your taste buds.

     And since Mastari loves to work with spices, you're likely to find a hint of ginger, freshly ground world pepper, or a touch of turmeric, cumin or grated Tonka bean in our handcrafted sauces!


Bannière MASTARI sweet strong sour

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