OUR CULINARY TIPS FOR SPRING (special marinade)!

     It's no secret that the best season of the year has been underway since March 20, bringing with it longer days and the return of good seasonal produce.

     To celebrate spring, MASTARI shares with you its association tips for including its hot sauces in all your marinades.

     Sunny days are often synonymous with outdoor lunches if you're lucky enough to enjoy a terrace or garden. Grills, BBQs and marinades make for convivial meals. Each type of cooking requires its own marinade. Light for short cooking times, a little firmer for medium cooking times, and thick and creamy for longer cooking times.



     For your fish, we recommend a marinade based on olive oil, MASTARI JAVA sauce (which adds liveliness and notes of lime and aniseed) and a little thyme. A light marinade for short cooking times. You can also substitute POLKA for MASTARI JAVA if you prefer a citrus marinade.

     For small pieces of white meat, vegetable oil (peanut or sunflower), thyme and a few drops of MASTARI HABANERA (for its peppery notes) will be an appropriate match.


Marinade légère pour une cuisson courte



      A marinade intended for larger pieces should be thicker. The flavors need to be concentrated, and the marinades can be brushed over these longer-to-cook pieces. This creates an aromatic crust that adds flavor and personality to your preparations.

     For white meats and poultry (chicken thighs, chicken breasts, veal chops), use a base of tomato paste, herbes de Provence, soy sauce and a few drops of MASTARI HABANERA.

    For your red meats, keep a similar base, replacing the MASTARI HABANERA with a few drops of TANGO and ALEGRIA, which will round off this aromatic blend with notes of red fruit.


Cuisson intermédiaire marinade épaisse



     For these more technical types of cooking, a denser marinade will, among other things, enable you to modulate the temperature of the embers. Opt for a fromage blanc base into which you can generously add a few drops of our MASTARI TANDAVA, a little vegetable oil and herbes de Provence.


Cuisson longue marinade dense



      You can also replace our hot sauces in your marinades with our fire powder for explosive results!

      Finally, to guarantee the best grilling experience, don't hesitate to add a few drops of the hot sauce used in your marinade directly to your preparation once you've finished cooking your pieces! And bon appétit!

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