Our hot sauces have original aromatic profiles, and you often ask us how to combine them with your culinary preparations! So we've written this short article to give you a few ideas, and to complement the advice on use given on our bottles.

      Generally speaking, there are 3 families of possible uses:

  • Disperse a few drops of hot sauces directly on your prepared dishes (on meat, fish, starches, etc.).

  • Incorporate a few drops of hot sauces into cold (vinaigrette, mayonnaise, guacamole, etc.) or hot (tomato sauce, stew sauce, etc.) sauces.

  • Combine our hot sauces with other ingredients in a marinade or dip, for example. By the way, we won't go into too much detail on this last subject, as we recently wrote an article on marinades, which you can read here!


JAVA HOT SAUCE 🥬 : Its notes of star anise and lime make it the ideal partner for your fish or shellfish dishes. We also like to pair it with egg dishes or raw vegetables.

❤️ Our advice: A few drops directly on your dab fillet or as a caper substitute on your skate wing. On boiled eggs or vegetable omelettes. Directly on your plate of rosette tomatoes or diluted in a vinaigrette.

TANDAVA HOT SAUCE 🧄 : Warm and fragrant, Tandava sauce is the perfect accompaniment to white meats (poultry, pork, veal), sautéed vegetables and starches.

❤️ Our tips: To accompany cod acras, in a lentil dahl or to liven up a rice dish or any other starchy food.


POLKA HOT SAUCE 🍊: Between strength and finesse, the gourmet aromas imparted by the citrus/spice combo combine brilliantly with your red meats (especially your cuts of beef).

❤️ Our suggestions: A few drops on a fillet of beef, to accompany a piece of duck, a ceviche of sea bass or sea bream, diluted in a vinaigrette (citrus vinaigrette on an endive or mache salad) or to deglaze a pan-fried carrot.

TANGO HOT SAUCE 🫐 First, generous aromas of blueberry and blackcurrant, followed by the bite of habanero pepper. Pair with white or red meats or cheeses!

❤️ Our suggestions: A few drops in a vinaigrette (for a green bean or gizzard salad), on sheep's or goat's milk cheeses, on duck breast or grilled poultry breast.


MAMBO HOT SAUCE 🥭 : The sweetness of mango and carrot combined with the strength of chili pepper offers a perfect balance, enabling you to combine it with meats (poultry, pork), vegetables or to season your salads.

❤️ Our advice: Use it to dip shrimp tempura or egg rolls, on a rack of pork, or to liven up a pan-fried Asian vegetable dish.

HABANERA HOT SAUCE 🍅: Its woody, lemony fragrance is a perfect match for meats (poultry, pork), pizzas and tomato sauces.

❤️ Our tips: On your Margherita, Regina, 4-cheese pizza, diluted in a tomato sauce for a pasta dish or for your chicken basquaise, in a Bloody Mary or really on anything that deserves a little spice!

ALEGRIA HOT SAUCE 🍓: Fruit bursting with sunshine, a chili with intense heat. That's the promise of Alegria sauce, to match your red meats and other festive pan-fried vegetables.

❤️ Our suggestions: Serve with duck breast, poultry or rump steak, or dilute in a vinaigrette for frisée with bacon.


     Of course, these recommendations are not exhaustive, as you can also experiment with your own preparations using our hot sauces and share them with us on our social networks or by e-mail!


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